Common Customer Questions

MSG-Tracker™ is a web-service designed specifically for remote hacking Messenger accounts. It has built-in algorithms for detecting and exploiting SS7 protocol vulnerability. You can remotely access a profile history without prior installation of suspicious software and making some sort of pre-settings. It is currently the best method of hacking Messenger.

This section was introduced to offer users answers to frequently asked questions. It was also meant to clarify unclear situations that occur when running this service. Moreover, you can avail of the Customer Support Service Available 24/7.

What guarantees do we provide our customers with?

Software offers a success rate exceeding 90%. This means 9 of every 10 customers get a positive result. A payment is required only if there is a positive result when access was validated and verified. Besides, each user can avail of 24/7 support.

What kind of promotions and bonuses are available for customers?

Customers can avail of extra discounts of 10%, 20% or 30% every time they order hacking several Messenger accounts simultaneously. For more info please go to the Pricing section . There's also an Affiliate Program , that allows hacking any Messenger account for free.

How exactly is a Messenger account hacked remotely?

Service is based on exploiting SS7 mobile protocol that has a critical vulnerability. After our client submits all the required info about a target's account (phone number, Facebook URL), software commences the monitoring of traffic being generated by a relevant mobile operator and intercepts an SMS-message with a verification code necessary for hacking a FB profile. Next, access to Messenger is gained. Please note that all these procedures do not interfere with Messenger operations. For more info go to the Technical Documentation section.

What information is contained in a user archive?

An archive received after a target account is authorized on a new device, contains the following data: correspondence of a target (including dialogues in private chats), log of incoming/outgoing calls, GPS-coordinates of a target location, list of friends, and well as saved contacts.

What should be done for launching software and ensuring it runs normally?

To initiate an attack, please specify a target's identification data (phone number, Facebook URL) and fulfil the following conditions:

  • - establish a reliable Internet connection
  • - provide enough free disk space
  • - update your browser to the latest version.

How to prepare a target device for working with the Software?

One of key principles behind MSG-Tracker™ is secrecy. So an account owner won't even know about an external interference. Hacking is run remotely. So there's no need for additional preparation of a target device.

Is it safe to download an archive to a client's device?

All the info contained in this archive undergoes pre-processing using cutting-edge developments in the field of data encryption and is checked for malicious attachments by a built-in anti-virus tool. That's why it's 100% safe to download a resulting user archive.

How much disk space is used by an archive?

The size of a user archive depends on the volume of information accumulated in a target account's history. If the owner of a target account is an active chat-user and often sends media files using Messenger, this data packet can take over 1 GB.

Can an account owner somehow discover an external interference?

MSG-Tracker™ makes hacking as private and unnoticeable as possible.

Is it allowed by the law to use such software?

Service was developed to facilitate restoring access to a Messenger account, in the first place. Ownership rights are proved with a verification code received as an SMS. Using this software becomes illegal only if its user personally acknowledges that he is hacking someone else's profile.

How to achieve 100% anonymity when using MSG-Tracker™?

100% client anonymity is ensured thanks to innovative mechanisms related to cyber security. The administration guarantees absolute privacy to any client during all operation stages.

How many orders for Messenger hacking with this service can be placed by one person?

Customers can use MSG-Tracker™ as many times as they want. There're no restrictions in this regard. High throughput ensures maximum performance during each session. Pricing section .