Secure Purchase of ВТС. Step by Step Guide

Cryptocurrency is a unique financial and payment instrument based on an innovative data encryption technology. There are no physical cryptocurrency coins and bills – it exists only in electronic form. Cryptocurrency offers the following features: decentralisation, anonymity, and protection. Since it allows maximising confidentiality, we recommend customers to replenish their MSG-Tracker™ accounts using Bitcoins.

In case this financial instrument seems way too complicated and incomprehensible, you shouldn't worry about it. Be sure you can use it! You'll be able to buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies and transfer it in just a few steps after reading this guide.

Authorities try to meet the needs of a rapidly developing crypto-community by facilitating accessibility of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to public-private partnerships, special exchanges, wallets and exchangers are being created where anyone can buy BTC. But all these methods have one common disadvantage. It’s the KYC procedure (requires providing copies of documents to confirm a buyer's identity). On the one hand, this is a positive initiative that prevents financial frauds. On the other hand, it violates the main principle of cryptocurrency – confidentiality.

Any person willing to avoid this KYC procedure should buy Bitcoins directly from private individuals. This method allows avoiding anonymity infringement for both participants of operation (payee and payer). But, at the same time, it attracts fraudsters. Therefore you should be extremely careful when using it.

The following methods of BTC purchasing are considered the best.

localbitcoins LocalBitcoins is an exchange where Bitcoins are traded. It's a popular trading platform offering everything necessary to make safe cryptocurrency transactions. Such transactions are conducted directly between LocalBitcoins users, while its administration acts as a moderator and observer. All major payment methods are supported: bank cards and payment systems. Each LocalBitcoins client receives a personal wallet to store BTC. He can transfer assets from this wallet with a minimum commission fee. According to many experts, this crypto exchange is the most reliable one. Its key advantages are the following: a wide selection of financial instruments, free registration, no mandatory verification procedure.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Register at LocalBitcoins exchange and authorize your account.
  2. Fill in required fields in the seller search box by choosing among countries, currencies, amounts, as well as payment methods.
  3. Choose a seller with a good reputation and favorable conditions. Press the "Buy" button, specify an amount and send a transaction request.
  4. Pay the bill and press the "I paid" button. You can dispute any transaction within 60 minutes after it is confirmed.
  5. Go to the "Wallet" section and transfer BTC to an individual address of MSG-Tracker™.

BestChange ( is a popular Russian website with tools for cryptocurrency exchangers monitoring. This website compares exchangers based on several criteria (exchanger rate, reputation, number of reviews) and provides info on the most profitable offers in real time. It refreshes data automatically every 5 seconds so that indicators can't be manipulated in any way.


  1. Create a wallet in advance to which a seller will transfer your Bitcoins later on. Our recommendation - BLOCKCHAIN (
  2. Go to BestChange ( and select an appropriate currency pair.
  3. Select one of enlisted exchangers based on the most favorable exchange rate and the maximum number of positive reviews.
  4. Follow further instructions on this website. Feel free to contact consultants with any question
  5. To get Bitcoins from a seller, use your BLOCKCHAIN wallet created earlier.
  6. After a successful purchase, visit BLOCKCHAIN and make a payment to your individual Messenger-Tracker ™ address, which can be obtained in the “Balance” section.
  7. Wait for funds to be credited. For your balance to be displayed in the Control Panel, at least 3 confirmations from Bitcoin blockchain are required

Confirm all requests from Blockchain and update your balance using MSG-Tracker™ Control Panel.