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The software is compatible with devices based on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
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#SS7 Messenger Server Console

API ID: R6w0Alzkn2KqLOKEv8d4ZEMWg9PvxY5o

Messenger account recovery using MSG-Tracker™. Generating a user profile history from backup.

New Version 3.1.6. Displaying GPS Location Coordinates

Unnoticeable monitoring of any FB Messenger account

  • Specify URL or phone number for remote session launching: exclamatory
    Did you forget your password and now can't log into your account? Did a standard account recovery procedure ended in nothing? In case of positive answers to both questions, MSG-Tracker™ is exactly what you need. Launch it by specifying a phone number or a Facebook profile URL. Next, just download an archive with valuable data from Messenger backup copy.


A file archive contains the following information:

Target's correspondence, including dialogues in private chats

GPS coordinates of a target's location with indication of points

Incoming and outgoing calls journal (audio and video)

All media content received/sent using Messenger app

Full list of friends, groups, communities and saved contacts

Messenger hack
Messenger recovery

How to Restore Messenger Remotely
Exploiting the Vulnerability of SS7 Protocol

MSG-Tracker™ can restore any Messenger account remotely by exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular operators. It intercepts an SMS message containing a verification code for confirming the right to access a target account on a new device. To obtain this verification code, you need to provide a phone number or a Facebook profile URL. The whole process is automated and doesn't require direct involvement of a client.

Flexible Pricing

Develop team established a loyal pricing policy to promote this software and make it even more accessible. There's also an Affiliate Program. Its members can earn bonus points for promoting MSG-Tracker™ on third-party websites. Thanks to these bonus points one can restore Facebook messages 100% for free.

Have you already used MSG-Tracker™? If the answer is "yes", then share your opinion about it in the Feedback section. By doing this, you will help us in improving the software.

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